Rio Jee 리오지
지형섭 (b. 1986)
Visual artist living and working in Seoul.

I draw and paint my inner UTOPIA-RIOPIA, based on scribble, a simple visual language that can be expressed easily and quickly.


I used to feel like I was in a different world from reality when I was immersed in scribble, without any purpose or special thoughts. I thought maybe that was the moment when I met my real inner self. And scribbling was one of the quick and easy ways to express my current thoughts and feelings most honestly.

Even when I work, I draw and paint what comes to my mind and what I see in front of me like an improvised scribble, because I believe that 'scribble is to see where my mind is headed'.

The moment I face my inner self, I wanted to define that world, so I named it ‘RIOPIA’ to mean my own utopia.

As time goes by and I change, the meaning of RIOPIA is changing, but RIOPIA has always been something I thought was the most precious thing at the time. At the same time, RIOPIA is the will and mindset to head there without forgetting or losing what is precious to me.

I want to continue drawing and living freely, joyfully and honestly.
Like a child's drawing.

쉽고 빠르게 표현할 수 있는 단순한 시각 언어인 낙서를 바탕으로 내면의 유토피아, 리오피아를 그립니다.


어떤 목적이나 특별한 생각 없이 낙서에 몰입할 때면 현실과 동떨어진 다른 세계에 있는 것처럼 느끼곤 했습니다. 그때가 진정한 내면의 모습을 만나는 순간일지도 모르겠다고 생각했습니다. 그리고 낙서는 순간의 생각이나 감정을 가장 솔직하게 표현하는 빠르고 쉬운 방법 중 하나였습니다.

작업을 할 때도 머릿속에 떠오르는 것과 눈앞에 보이는 것을 낙서하듯 즉흥적으로 그리는데, '낙서는 마음이 어디로 향하는지를 보는 것'이라고 믿기 때문입니다.

내면을 마주하는 그 순간, 그 세상을 정의하고 싶어서 나의 이상향이라는 의미로 ‘리오피아(RIOPIA)’라고 이름을 붙였습니다.

시간이 흐르고 내가 변하면서 리오피아의 의미도 변하고 있지만, 리오피아는 언제나 당시에 가장 소중하다고 생각하는 어떤 것이었습니다. 동시에, 리오피아는 소중한 것을 잊거나 잃지 않고 그곳으로 향하고자 하는 의지와 마음가짐이기도 합니다.

자유롭게, 즐겁게 그리고 솔직하게 그림과 삶을 계속하고 싶습니다.
마치 어린아이의 그림처럼.

- 2023.05.  Hello, Today @Heesugallery, Seoul
- 2022.09.  Kiaf PLUS 2022 @SETEC, Seoul
- 2021.10.  RIOPIA BEGINS @HANA Gallery, Suwon
- 2021.09.  LOVE LIFE ALWAYS RIOPIA @Galerie Le Bocal, Toulouse, France
- 2021.03.  The Flower is The Flower @Blue One Gallery, Seoul
- 2019.09.  Doodle, Scribble & Things @MOODLAB, Seoul
- 2018.10.  A Story Written in The Code of Happiness  @SAMO GALLERY, Icheon
- 2016.07.  D-CUBE CITY Mini Gallery Special Exhibition @HYUNDAI Department Store D-CUBE CITY, Seoul
- 2016.03.  Hello Rio - The Ugly Junction, Exhibition Vol.6 @UglyJuction, Seoul
- 2015.09.  RIOJEE Archive @BAROGREAM GALLERY, Seoul
- 2015.08.  RIOJEE Doodle Note @Alpha Gallery 2, Seoul
- 2015.04.  IMAGINE @YouthZone Daebang, Seoul

- 2024.01.  Breeze @Gallery iLHO, Seoul
- 2024.01.  Drawing Special Exhibition "The World Made by LINE" @HANA Gallery, Suwon
- 2023.12.  ART SUNSET 101 DeArt82 Exhibition @Marina Sunset 101, Siheung
- 2022.12.  13th Anniversary Exhibition @Heesugallery, Seoul
- 2022.01.  The World Created by Line @HANA Gallery, Suwon
- 2021.11.  The Small Painting Exhibition. @Gallery Belle Vie, Seoul
- 2021.09.  SECOND HAND'S @HOSU, Seoul
- 2021.06.  MALONG197 Art Market @MALONG197, Seoul
- 2021.04.  Momen Art Project : First View @Seoul
- 2021.03.  SEOUL × TOKYO Exhibition Vol.1 #with CORONA-COVID19- in OSAKA @Korean Cultural Center Osaka
- 2020.12.  NEW WAVE @Gallery ARTRIE, Seoul
- 2020.10.  SEOUL x TOKYO Exhibition Vol.1 #with CORONA-COVID19- @Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan, Korean Cultural Center Gallery, Tokyo
- 2019.12.  RED LIGHT : LUV Contemporary art + aef.x collabo @KOLAMP, Seoul
- 2019.11.  BARELY LEGAL @9AND BUNKER, Seoul
- 2016.11.  Oh! My Complex @Gallery Poomda (Seoul NPO Center), Seoul
- 2016.11.  Drawing Group ‘1921SAI’ @Coffee Conhas, Seoul
- 2016.05.  Rising Youth (Hosted Rep. Kim Kwang-jin) @The National Assembly Hall, Seoul
- 2016.03.  You Are Not Alone in This Universe @Euljiro Atelier(愛), Seoul
- 2015.08.  Stars of midsummer : Art Story Festival Exhibition @Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
- 2015.03.  Instagram Drawing Exhibition @Mungcle Gallery, Jinju
- 2014.08.  Art Story Festival 1st Exhibition Story @Gallery Sunsoo, Seoul

- 2023.12.  Seoul Art Show @COEX, Seoul
- 2023.07.  URBAN BREAK 2023 @COEX, Seoul
- 2023.03.  BAMA Busan Annual Market of Art @BEXCO, Busan
- 2022.12.  Seoul Art Show @COEX, Seoul
- 2022.10.  Bank Art Fair @Inter Continental Seoul Coex, Seoul
- 2022.06.  Ulsan International Art Fair @UECO, Ulsan
- 2022.06.  Art fair Daegu @EXCO, Daegu
- 2022.06.  Asia Hotel Art Fair Busan (AHAF) @PARK HYATT BUSAN, Busan
- 2022.05.  Plastic Art Seoul 2022 @COEX, Seoul
- 2022.04.  BAMA Busan Annual Market of Art @BEXCO, Busan
- 2022.02.  Seoul Hotel Art Fair @Inter Continental Seoul Coex, Seoul
- 2021.12.  Seoul Art Show @COEX, Seoul
- 2021.12.  Ulsan International Art Fair @UECO, Ulsan
- 2021.11.  Art Jeju @Maison Glad Jeju, Jeju
- 2021.11.  Bank Art Fair @Inter Continental Seoul Coex, Seoul
- 2021.07.  URBAN BREAK 2021 @COEX, Seoul

PROJECT - Collaboration
- 2022.09.  SWITCH123 X RIOJEE @SWITCH123
- 2021.10.  S'LOW X RIOJEE @S'LOW
- 2021.07.  박기웅's Culture Live x MALONG197 Art Market @Naver Shopping Live & MALONG197
- 2021.06.  Art Speaker by print bakery @Print Bakery, Seoul Auction
- 2021.05.  Ananti Cove with KARTMAR
- 2021.05.  JERRYBAG with RIOJEE by FLEAAUCTION @JERRYBAG & FleaAuction
- 2021.03.  Flea Auction [ART & LOVE] @Flea Auction
- 2020.12.  Dream of Dogs 2021 Calendar @Dream of Dogs
- 2020.10.  Eulji Darak x RIOJEE : ALWAYS RIOPIA @Eulji Darak /Eulji Dabang - KOLON
- 2020.07.  "내가 말하고 있잖아" Book cover @Minumsa
- 2020.05.  SNEAKER BAR x RIOJEE with KARTMAR @Lotte Department Store (Gangnam, Pyeongchon)
- 2020.04.  COVID19 ART DONATION @Directed by. LUV Contemporary Art
- 2020.03.  Community House ‘&stable Daechi’ Art wall Project (Seoul Social Housing  REITS x NSPACE) @&stable Daechi
- 2020.02.  Sunjin Logistics Art wall Project - aef.x collabo @SUNJIN LOGISTICS
- 2019.06.  Seoungsu-dong Map Project with PDPB, Part of Design & Artwork
- 2018.10.  Magazine of Seoul Culture Tank <비축생활> Vol.5 Cover Artwork - Seoul
- 2018.09.  Seoul Housing Lab Art Wall
- 2018.07.  SocialStitch Rooms’ Art Wall @Social Stitch ‘ART WALL PROJECT’
- 2018.04.  WANNAONE, Triple Position Album (Cover - Graffiti Part) x Photographer ‘GON’
- 2016.03.  Cheoro [연애] EP (Album Cover Artwork)
- 2014.10.  Doc Whisper 1st LP (Album Cover Artwork)
- 2014.09.  Link 6 Project 2nd Project (Album Cover Artwork)
- 2014.01.  Gan Vogh 1st Album “A Letter Of Soul” (Album Cover Artwork)
- 2013.03.  Link 6 Project 1st Project (Album Cover Artwork)

PROJECT - Performance
- 2023.09.  Village Art Project 'Drawing with Village Art' Public Art Project @DangJin North Welfare Center
- 2020.02.  A drawing diary that records everyday life as a scribble - One day Class Art Day @Content Korea Lab Busan
- 2019.12.  Create Christmas Cards with Artist RIOJEE @Lotte Department Store Pyeongchon
- 2019.11.  ARTIST RIOJEE One-day Gallery “ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL TO YOU” @Lotte Department Store Incheon Terminal
- 2019.10.  The Art Class with Visual Artist RIOJEE @Incheon Gong Hang Middle School
- 2019.05.  JAZZ PICNIC - Live Painting Performance @Buam7
- 2019.04.  Drawing Busking Project - Live Painting Performance with artist YOYOJIN @Hongdae Street
- 2019.04.  예술로봄 - Live Painting Performance @Ewha 52nd Avenue(이화쉼터)
- 2018.12.  Create Christmas Cards with Artist RIOJEE  @Lotte Department Store Pyeongchon
- 2018.12.  Drawing Busking Project ‘RIOCODE-BAROGREAM’ @MOODLAB (Seongsu-dong)
- 2018.10.  Drawing Busking Project ‘RIOCODE-BAROGREAM’ @Gyeongui line Forest (Yeonnam-dong)
- 2018.09.  It’s Your Day :  Discovery of Taste, BAROGREAM Mini Exhibition & Event @HYUNDAI Department Store D-CUBE CITY
- 2017.10. - 2018.04.  RIOPIA Diary - Travel Drawing Diary (177 Days, 19 Cities of 16 Countries)
- 2017.09.  Show Your Color : Civic-participating Arts Space (Planning and Progress) @Gunpo Life Long Learning Festival
- 2017.07.  케미가 좋다 : Art Wall Project @Gunpo Middle School
- 2017.06.  Sell RIOPIA : Personal Project
- 2016.11.  Graffiti Special Class of The Art School in The School ‘Feel So Good’ @Icheon Yangjeong Girls’ High School
- 2015.12.  Easy Drawing : C-Plant ART One-day Class
- 2015.06.  Drawing Performance Team “UNFRAME” 2nd Guerrilla Drawing Performance @Seoul Plaza

- 2019.05.  ‘NAVER GRAFOLIO’ 2019 Creative Support Project WINNER of  ‘ART’ SECTION
- 2014.09.  AFIA : Artist Fair In Apgujeong (2014.09-2014.12)
- 2013.09.  Monthly Magazine ZAKO vol.16 SPECIAL ILLUSTRATION 13 - Interview
- 2013.05.  An Environmental Magazine ‘Green Mind Vol.10’ (‘Foot Drawing ’ Project) - Interview
- 2013.03.  ‘Space Noah’ Space Experiment - Manager of Exhibition Support and Planing (2013.03-2013.12)
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